Daily Dose: Activist Kandice Hawes on Acting Locally; Eggnog Custard


12-8-16 Happy Thursday!

Hi Everyone!  Today I want to introduce you to one of my favorite activists, Kandice Hawes, someone who really makes a difference in her local community, and I also included one of my favorite holiday desserts!

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Kandice Hawes, Director of Orange County NORML

Kandice Hawes, Director of Orange County NORML

Inspiring Weed Women: Kandice Hawes 

We have all heard how we should think globally but act locally.  When it comes to the issue of cannabis prohibition, there’s no greater example of approaching the global problem at a local level than Kandice Hawes.

Arrested for possessing under an ounce of marijuana in her youth, Kandice lost her student funding. Since she could no longer afford college full time, she instead used her time to found Orange County (California) NORML, the organization’s most active chapter, when she was just 21 years old. Now over 13 years later, OC NORML was awarded NORML’s first ever Outstanding Chapter award.  And she hasn’t slowed down since.
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Today’s Marijuana Recipe: Eggnog Custard
Eggnog Custard - Marijuana Recipes

Rich egg custard gets enhanced with the traditional eggnog flavors of rum and nutmeg…and a little added something from kief or finely ground hash for this Marijuana Eggnog Custard.  By using the concentrate, the cannabis flavor doesn’t overwhelm, even though this is a somewhat delicately flavored dessert.

This recipe is super easy and quick to prepare (minus baking time) as long as you have oven proof ramekins or baking cups.  You could alternatively make the entire recipe in one larger 3-cup baking dish, but individual cups make it far easier to control portions and likewise the cannabis dosage.
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