Daily Dose: Marijuana Butter vs. Oil; Medicated Mango Upsidedown Cake


1-17-17 Happy Tuesday Everyone!

We have been busy around here this last weekend.  We finished all the videography on my new Complete Cannabis Cooking for Home Cooks course!  We will be launching this comprehensive online course in February, but you can get a sneak peak in the meantime by taking my Free 10 minute online Dosing Class.  This infinitely valuable class teaches you how to discover how many milligrams of THC are in your homemade edibles and gives you access to my Free Dosage Calculator tool that does all the work for you.  Check it out and be sure to let me know what you think!

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Cannabis Butter and Marijuana Oil

Marijuana Butter or Oil? What’s Best

Dear Cheri,

 What do you like to use better for cooking, cannabis infused butter or oil?

 Thanks for your insight.

 Greasy Guy

Dear Greasy Guy,

I am surprised at how frequently I get asked this question.  The answer is simple:  It depends!

What are you cooking?  Some things work better with cannabis infused butter, others work better with infused oil.  Read more.

eat your weed

Today’s Recipe: Mango Upsidedown Cake

Marijuana Recipes - Mango Upsidedown Cakes

A box cake mix makes this one of the easiest marijuana recipes for anyone to achieve great results.  Yes, it makes 16 medicated servings, but you can freeze the leftover cakes to save for later.  Use Marijuana Butter and Marijuana Oil to medicate this recipe. Get the Marijuana Mango Upsidedown Cake recipe!

See You Tomorrow!

“Cannabis” Cheri Sicard


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