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4-8-17 Happy Friday Everyone!

Michael Pelletier, a paraplegic since the age of 11, is serving a Life Sentence for a nonviolent marijuana offense.

Michael Pelletier, a paraplegic since the age of 11, is serving a Life Sentence for a nonviolent marijuana offense.

This Week’s Marijuana News Round-Up Includes:

This Week’s Marijuana News Round-Up: DOJ “Evaluating” Marijuana Policy;Governors from 4 Marijuana States Ask To Be Left Alone; CA Governor Rejects Anti-Competitive Marijuana Rules; Marijuana Lifer Michael Pelletier Speaks Out: Laws Change While Lives Are Ruined; Godfather of Grass Deported from Canada to Face US Marijuana Charges; Can You Deduct Alternative Medicines on Your Taxes?;California Could Become Marijuana Sanctuary State; and more.

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When Cannabis Use Goes Up, Beer Sales Go Down

marijuana and alcoholism

Registered Nurse Lanny Swerdlow explores one of marijuana’s most important benefits to society, alcohol deterrent.  Lanny has long talked about this connection, but it turns out statistics are backing him up as states that have legalized saw beer sales decline.  Hmmm.  
Check out this fascinating guest post.

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Grilled Flank Steak with Cheeba Chimichurri

Marijuana Recipes - Flank Steak with Cheeba Chimichurri Sauce

A reader asked of I had had any summer grilling marijuana recipes. Yes! Well, kind of. The grilled food itself is not medicated, that would be difficult if not impossible, but what goes ON the grilled food is easily medicated. Like this classic South American sauce of parsley, lemon, and garlic – the perfect accompaniment to grilled meats. I like flank steak because it is both flavorful and lean, but you could spoon this pungent sauce on to any of your favorite cuts of beef. While it might not be traditional, chimichurri is also delicious on grilled chicken or fish.
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I use Marijuana Oil to medicate this recipe. My making Marijuana Oil tutorial will help you learn how to make it.

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