Weed Weekender: Marijuana News; Infused Kushy Caramel Fruit Dip Recipe


Happy Weekend Everyone!


Cannabis Cheri's The Week in Weed

The Week in Weed - Marijuana News

Corvain Cooper with his oldest daughter.

Federal life for pot prisoner Corvain Cooper, pictured with his daughter Cleer.

This Week’s Marijuana News Round-Up Includes:

Jeff Sessions Adds to Trump Administration’s Alternative Facts About Marijuana; Feds Threaten to Shut Down Nevada Cannabis Cup;Trump Administration’s Claims About Pot and Opiod Use Are Dead Wrong; Marijuana Lifer Corvain Cooper Tells His Story.

Read the Week in Weed.

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This Weekend’s Recipe: Kushy Caramel Fruit Dip

Marijuana Recipes -- Apples with Kushy Caramel Dip

Marijuana butter turns simple ingredients into an unforgettable medicated party dip or dessert in this quick and easy marijuana recipe.    Serving this dip with both red and green apples makes for a pretty presentation, although tart Granny Smith apples are my favorite as they contrast against the sweet caramel so well.
Get the Kushy Caramel Dip recipe here.

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