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3-31-17 Happy Friday Everyone!


Marijuana Lifer Jimmy RomansThis Week’s Marijuana News Round-Up Includes:

Canada Will Legalize Marijuana in 2018; How Medical Marijuana Could Help End the Opiod Epidemic; Johns Hopkins Abandons Marijuana PTSD Study; The Great Marijuana Rehab Scam; DEA Says Fentanyl Company’s Synthetic Weed is Less Dangerous That the Real Thing; Marijuana Lifer Jimmy Romans Speaks Out; Oklahoma Supreme Court Rejects Attorney General’s Pot Ballot Rewrite; and more.
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eat your weed

The Ultimate Guide to Marijuana Brownies!

The Ultimate Guide to Marijuana Brownies

Pot Brownies, Weed Brownies, Magic Brownies, Ganja Brownies, Alice B Toklas Brownies, no matter what you call them, Marijuana Brownies are and seem to have always been, the snack of choice for cannabis edibles fans.  So much so that some people seem to think that is the only food you can make from marijuana!

So it suddenly dawned on me that even though I have hundreds of marijuana recipes on my blog and in my books, I had very few brownie recipes.  Perhaps it’s because I try to teach people that there are soooooooo many other foods you can medicate besides brownies.  But regardless of how many other great recipes there are, marijuana brownies, weed brownies, and pot brownies are the most searched for terms when it comes to marijuana edibles.  So give the people what they want I say!  

Click to this article for 8 of my all time favorite marijuana brownie recipes, tips for medicating brownies even from your own recipes, how to freeze brownies, marijuana brownies in pop culture, brownies as political statements, and more.
Check out the Ultimate Guide to Marijuana Brownies!

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