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Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson Just Signed Medical Marijuana Bills

Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson Just Signed Medical Marijuana Bills Into Law

 This Week’s Marijuana News Round-Up 

 Germany Legalizes Medical Marijuana; Why Marijuana Users Need to Beware the End of Rohrabacher-Farr; Santa Ana Raids Sky High Collective…AGAIN; CA Senator Seeks to Protect Cannabis Branding; AR Governor Signs 2 Medical Marijuana Bills Into Law; New Rehab Will Treat Addiction with Marijuana;Trump Keeping DEA Chief Indefinitely; and more.
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This Weekend’s Recipe: Medicated Meatball Parmesan Sliders

Marijuana Recipes - Medicated Meatball SlidersSavory meatballs enveloped in classic Italian tomato sauce, covered in melted cheese, and served on Italian rolls make for a fresh take on the classic slider. This is one of those rare marijuana recipes where I recommend actually cooking with buds — no need to make butter or oil, just add the marijuana as you would other herbs and spices.

There’s no need to pulverize the buds into a flour, so likewise you won’t need a blender or food processor this recipe. Simply grind or break up the flowers the same way you would if you were rolling a joint.  For more information and recipes on marijuana cooking with buds or flowers, along with more marijuana bud recipes, check out our Cooking with Marijuana Flowers feature.

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