Weed Weekender: Marijuana News; Sweet, Spicy, and Sativa Mixed Nuts Recipe


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Cannabis Cheri's The Week in Weed

The Week in Weed - Marijuana News

Craig Cesal, serving Life for Pot, is in need of clemency support letters

Craig Cesal, serving Life Without Parole for marijuana

 This Week’s Marijuana News Round-Up 

This Week’s Marijuana News Round-Up Includes:

GOP Congressman Introduces Bill Marijuana Out of Hands of Federal Government; Spirits Are Low Among Those Sentences to Life for Marijuana Under Trump Administration; Marijuana Users Have More Knowledge Than Experts; Marijuana Arrests Increase in NYC; Trump Offers Comments on Marijuana use in the NFL; Guam to Research medical Marijuana Tourism;Will Israel’s Next Big Export be Marijuana?; and more.

Read the Week in Weed.

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This Weekend’s Recipe: Sweet, Spicy and Sativa Mixed Nuts

Marijuana Mixed Nuts

These mixed nuts are one of my favorite marijuana snack recipes. They have just enough hints of different flavors going on to make their flavorful complexity addictingly delicious, so watch your portion size in order to keep your dosage in check. I like including rosemary as it is a flavor that generally matches well with cannabis, especially strains high in Alpha Pinene, as both plants share this terpene.  While I used mixed nuts for this recipe, you could alternately make it with just one type of nut, peanuts, almonds, and cashews all work well.
Get the Sweet, Spicy & Sativa Mixed Nuts recipe here.

I like the flavor best when using marijuana butter to medicate this recipe, however you could use an infused vegetable or even olive oil instead for a vegan variation. Check out my Making Marijuana Butter or Making Marijuana Oil tutorials for directions on how to make them.

Eat Your Weed,

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