Daily Dose: Ancient History of Reefer Madness; Versatile Cannabis Infused Pesto Recipe


3-13-17 Happy Monday Everyone!

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The Ancient History of Reefer Madness

marijuana history - ancient reefer madness
When it comes to marijuana history, evidence clearly illustrates that humans using cannabis is nothing new. Unfortunately, neither is reefer madness.  You’ll probably be surprised to learn that the myth of the Stoner Slacker began millennia before Cheech or Chong, way back in 10th Century AD.  
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Today’s Recipe: Cannabis Infused Pesto

marijuana recipes - pesto

Pesto is a wonderful medicated utility recipe to have around because it has so many uses. Serve versatile pesto sauce with pasta or over steamed or grilled vegetables, chicken, fish, or tofu for an instant meal. You can even use a light coating of pesto instead of sauce on pizza.

Using all canna-oil in this recipe will yield a strong per-serving dose. If you want a lighter dosed pesto, substitute some of the canna-oil for regular olive oil.  Take my free 10-minute Dosing class in order to get a dose that meets your needs.

With strong flavor components like fresh basil, garlic, olive oil, and Parmesan cheese, you’ll never notice the taste of the cannabis-infused oil in this recipe.  Buy basil on sale, make a big batch of medicated pesto keep in your freezer for longer storage.  That way you can spoon out just the amount you need at any given time.

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