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Cannabis or Marijuana Infused Butter and Cooking OilMarijuana dosing conundrums and no-cook ways to use marijuana oil.

Chris writes:

I would like to do an infusion of cannabis in grape seed oil, however I do not wish to bake or cook.  Can I use this solution with an eyedropper in my morning coffee and if so how many drops would you recommend?  I am a long-term patient and can handle about a half joint of quality marijuana.  Any ideas? Thanks.

Thanks for writing Chris.  To answer the first part of your question, yes, you can add drops of oil to your coffee (or tea or hot cocoa, etc.).  If you add milk (or vegan milk substitutes like soy milk, almond milk, etc.) so much the better as the lecithin in these products binds to THC.

Another easy no-cook way I like to use marijuana oil is in vinaigrette salad dressings.  Mix with vinegar and some seasonings and this versatile dish is ready to use on salads, on steamed veggies, simply cooked chicken or fish, and more.

As to the second part of the question, that is trickier and there is no one answer.  Doing with cannabis is never a one-size-fits-all situation and is highly individualized.  How much you use will depend on the strength of the cannabis used to make the oil as well as how much of it you have concentrated in that oil. 

For the purposes you describe, I would use more cannabis to make the oil than I typically would when making it for cooking.  Most recipes, depending on strength, would consist of a single dose being between 1 teaspoon and 1 tablespoon of oil.  To my taste this would be a lot of oil floating in my coffee, so I would rather make a more concentrated oil so I would need to use less of it.  I hope this makes sense.  Find more information on making marijuana oil here.

The best way to know how much marijuana oil to use is to test.  Start small, give it an hour or two and see how you feel.  Adjust up or down, as needed, the next day.  Continue until you find your perfect balance.  Keep in mind though that the next time you make oil, it may be different as you will be cooking with different plants, so test with each new batch.

Find more information on cannabis dosing at this link.


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