The Week in Weed 2-18-17 Marijuana News Round-Up


The Week in Weed - Marijuana NewsThis Week’s Marijuana News Round-Up:  Cannabis Associated with Improved Survival Rates in Glioma Patients; Ireland to Legalize Marijuana for Certain Conditions; Peru’s Government Proposes Legalizing Medical Marijuana; Are CA Cities New Laws About Safety or Blocking Prop 64?

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Cannabis Associated with Improved Survival Rates in Glioma Patients — London, United Kingdom: Brain tumor patients treated with cannabis extracts possessed increased one-year survival rates compared to those who went untreated, according to clinical trial data reported this week by British biotechnology firm GW Pharmaceuticals.

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Ireland to Legalize Marijuana for Certain Conditions Ireland is set to legalise the use of cannabis for treating specific medical conditions, after a report commissioned by the government said the drug could be given to some patients with certain illnesses. The Irish health minister, Simon Harris, said he would support the use of medical cannabis “where patients have not responded to other treatments and there is some evidence that cannabis may be effective”. The report said cannabis could be given to patients with a range of illnesses including multiple sclerosis and severe epilepsy, and to offset the effects of chemotherapy.

Peru’s Government Proposes Legalizing Medical Marijuana — Peru’s government says it will present to the opposition-dominated legislature a plan to legalize the medical use of marijuana “for the treatment of serious and terminal illnesses.”  President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski’s administration said Wednesday the plan was developed after police raided a house in a Lima neighborhood where a group of parents grew marijuana to make oil for treating their children suffering from epilepsy and other diseases. Officials say that trafficking and use of marijuana for other purposes would remain a crime under the proposal.

Marijuana News State-by-State

Are CA Cities New Laws About Safety or Blocking Prop 64? — The law also says cities or counties can “reasonably regulate” homegrown pot. Those two rules are turning the state’s recently passed marijuana law, Proposition 64, into nothing less than a civil rights battle zone. In the three months since the law took effect, a growing number of cities have instituted rules for in-home cultivation that test the limits of what’s considered “reasonable.” Often citing safety concerns, new and proposed ordinances, among other things, block outdoor cannabis gardens, impose expensive permits and ban (for now) even a single homegrown plant.


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