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Cannabis Cheri SicardThis week: Study Shows Cannabis Improves Brian Function in Middle Aged Men; Medical Marijuana May be Coming to MA; Rick Santorum Claims Government Does Not Arrest Nonviolent Drug Offenders; NJ Weedman Allowed to Defend Himself in Court; High Times Cannabis Cup to be Held in Los Angeles for 1st Time; The Top 10 Reefer Madness Stories and People in Cannabis for 2011.

Unless you are a member of the “choir” (my affectionate name for the hard core cannabis activists who live this movement day in and day out), chances are you’re going to miss a lot of cannabis news.  It’s not that there isn’t any, things are happening in the word of marijuana all the time.  But the mainstream media never seems to make it a priority to report on it.

So, since I follow these things, and am on every cannabis mailing list imaginable, I thought it might be a good idea to do a weekly round-up of the compelling stories that came across my desk the week before.  Sometimes I might discover stories older than a week old but still timely, so I’ll pass them on too.  If you have suggestions for stories to be considered for inclusion in next week’s round up, use the Contact Us form here and let me know.


The Top 10 Reefer Madness Stories of 2011 — Here they, the silly, the stupid, and the just plain false, as ranked by Alternet.

Medical Marijuana May be Coming to Massachusetts — Massachusetts could soon become the newest state to allow patients to legally use medical marijuana. The Massachusetts Secretary of State recently certified four citizen initiative petitions, including a medical marijuana one that would allow patients with debilitating medical conditions and doctor’s certification to possess up to a 60-day supply and would also allow for the creation of some non-profit medical marijuana care centers which could grow marijuana to provide to certified patients.

Rick Santorum Claims Gov Does Not Imprison Nonviolent Drug Offenders — From the same presidential candidate who brought you, “I don’t know my medical marijuana laws very well,” comes yet another mind-bending morsel of jaw-dropping ignorance.

NJ Weedman Can Defend Himself Against State’s Goofy Marijuana Laws — NJ Weedman, the medical marijuana activist and self-described “superhero to the potheads,” can represent himself in his upcoming criminal trial, a Superior Court judge ruled Tuesday.


Study Shows Cannabis Improves Sharpness in Middle Aged Men — A new medical study shows cannabis actually appears to improve cognitive functioning among middle-aged men, Steve Elliott reports in Toke of the Town.  Click here to read the actual study abstract.


High Times Cannabis Cup in Los Angeles for 1st Time — Exhibits, speakers, panels and of course, the cannabis cup competition.  See you at the ultimate cannabis community event.  Look for me at the NORML Women’s Alliance booth!

The Top 10 People in Marijuana 2011 — NORML rates the top 10 people in cannabis for 2011.


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