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Cheri Sicard - The Cannabis Gourmet CookbookThis Week: Even More Science Suggests Cannabinoids Halt Diabetes; Scientists Say Banning Drugs Like Cannabis Hurts Research; Is Weed Really Bad for You?; Canada: New Rules Ban Home Grows; The Top 10 Reasons to Legalize Now; Maine Senate Refuses to Let Voters Decide on Marijuana Legalization; Activist Marc Emery Locked in Solitary Confinement on False Charges; The Confusing Science of Stoned Driving; Colorado’s Marijuana “Porn” Law Found Unconstitutional; and more.


Even More Science Suggests Cannabinoids Halt Diabetes — Preclinical study data published online in the scientific journal Nutrition & Diabetes reports that tetrahydrocannabivarin (THCV) — a naturally occurring analogue of THC — possesses positive metabolic effects in animal models of obesity.  Researchers concluded: “Based on these data, it can be suggested that THCV may be useful for the treatment of the metabolic syndrome and/or type 2 diabetes (adult onset diabetes), either alone or in combination with existing treatments. Given the reported benefits of another non-THC cannabinoid, CBD in type 1 diabetes, a CBD/THCV combination may be beneficial for different types of diabetes mellitus.”

Scientists Say Banning Drugs Like Cannabis Hurts ResearchThe outlawing of drugs such as cannabis, magic mushrooms and other psychoactive substances amounts to scientific censorship and is hampering research into potentially important medicinal uses, leading scientists argued on Wednesday.  Laws and international conventions dating back to the 1960s have set back research in key areas such as consciousness by decades, they argued in the journal Nature Reviews Neuroscience.


Canada: New Rules Ban Home Grows — The new rules are heavily tilted towards the demands of law enforcement, with very little input from actual medical marijuana patients. In effect, anti-marijuana government officials are taking from patients the right to grow their own medicine, doing so under the ruse of “protecting public health and safety” and “preventing home fires.”

The Confusing Science of Stoned Driving — David Bienenstock explores the confusing and often conflicting scientific studies on driving while stoned.

The Top 10 Reasons to Legalize Now — Prohibition creates, sustains and handsomely rewards the illegal drug industry while pretending to fight that very same industry.

Is Weed Really Bad for You? — Rolling Stone magazine explores the question and puts to rest some of the most popular (or should I say infamous) marijuana myths.

Activist Marc Emery Locked in Solitary Confinement on False Charges — Marc Emery, the Vancouver businessman and political dissident currently imprisoned in the US for his marijuana activism, has been locked in solitary confinement for an indefinite period over false charges.  Prisoners in the SHU are locked up for 23 hours a day and receive none of the basic amenities afforded to regular prisoners.

5 Myths About Legalizing Marijuana — With 16 states having decriminalized or legalized cannabis for non-medical use and eight more heading toward some kind of legalization, federal prohibition’s days seem numbered. You might wonder what America will look like when marijuana is in the corner store and at the farmers market. In three years spent researching that question, I found some ideas about the plant that just don’t hold up. Click for details.

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Colorado’s Marijuana “Porn” Law Found Unconstitutional — Colorado Attorney General John Suthers wrote yesterday that marijuana-related magazines like High Times are not the same as pornography. The statement is a major blow to a law that would have forced cannabis periodicals off newsstands in the state. Recently passed Colorado law HB 13-1317 would have placed High Times next to Penthouse and Hustler, behind the counter in liquor stores. High Times and the American Civil Liberties Union sued, saying the bill violated the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.

Nevada Now to Allow Dispensaries —  After 13 years of waiting, medical marijuana patients in Nevada will soon have a legal way to obtain the drug without growing it themselves.  Republican Gov. Brian Sandoval signed SB374 into law Wednesday. The measure establishes the framework to make pot available to medical marijuana card holders, imposing fees and requirements for growers, processors and dispensaries of pot. It also contains provisions to continue to allow home-growing until 2016.

Maine Senate Refuses to Let Voters Decide on Marijuana Legalization — The Maine Senate on Monday blocked a chance for the state’s voters to decide for themselves at the ballot box whether to legalize marijuana for recreational use.  The Senate voted 24-10 Monday morning against sending the question to November’s ballot, reports Christopher Cousins at the Bangor Daily News. That followed a Friday vote in the House of Representatives where the measure, LD 1229, sponsored by Rep. Diane Russell (D-Portland), fell four votes short of passage.

Oregon: 2 Marijuana Initiatives Filed in State LegislatureHemp News and The Hemp and Cannabis Foundation (THCF) owner Paul Stanford has filed two new initiatives to legalize marijuana in Oregon.  One of the measures is similar to an 2012 initiative that fell short by just six points at the polls, but with a couple of major changes, reports Jeff Mapes at The Oregonian. The commission would no longer be chosen by cannabis growers, retailers and others in the marijuana community, but instead would be appointed by the governor, according to Stanford.


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