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Cheri Sicard, NORML Women's AllianceThis Week: Uruguay to Become First Nation to Sell Marijuana;  Gov Sponsored Study Destroys DEA Classification of Marijuana; New Study Shows Cannabis May Mitigate Traumatic Memories in PTSD Patients; Alcohol: The Real Gateway Drug; CA Appeals Court Rules Dispensaries Are Legal; 1M Claim Filed in Pot Shop Raid; 100s of Economists Weigh in on Legalization; Oliver Stone Talks Marijuana; It’s Time to End Our Insane Prohibition on Hemp; Why Pot Smoking Makes Me a Better Mom; How Realistic is Oliver Stone’s Savages?; and more.


Gov Sponsored Study Destroy’s DEA Classification of Marijuana —  A government-sponsored study published recently in The Open Neurology Journal concludes that marijuana provides much-needed relief to some chronic pain sufferers and that more clinical trials are desperately needed, utterly destroying the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency’s (DEA) classification of the drug as having no medical uses.

New Study Shows Cannabis May Mitigate Traumatic Memories in PTSD Patients — The use of cannabis and cannabinoids appears to mitigate symptoms associated with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), according to a new review of clinical and preclinical evidence published online in the scientific journal Drug Testing and Analysis.

Alcohol: The Real Gateway Drug — Adolescents’ use of alcohol, not cannabis, typically precedes teens’ use of other illicit substances, according to data published in the Journal of School Health.  Investigators from the Franciscan St. Elizabeth Health Center in Lafayette and the University of Florida at Gainesville analyzed government survey data regarding high school seniors’ use of licit and illicit substances. They reported: “Alcohol represented the ‘gateway’ drug, leading to the use of tobacco, marijuana, and other illicit substances. Moreover, students who used alcohol exhibited a significantly greater likelihood of using both licit and illicit drugs.”

Mango Can Increase Cannabis’ High — The chemical compounds that have been found within mangoes have been discovered by science to be able to increase, strengthen, and even lengthen the euphoric feelings felt after smoking marijuana.


 It’s Time to End Our Insane Prohibition on Hemp — David Bronner was recently arrested for attempting to eat a healthy breakfast. Does that sound stupid? Even once you know the details, it should sound stupid:  Bronner’s food of choice was bread spread with hemp seed oil he pressed himself from industrial hemp plants, which he did in front of the White House under a banner reading: “Dear Mr. President Let U.S. Farmers Grow Hemp.” Bronner’s company, Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soaps, spends over $100,000 to buy over 20 tons of hemp seed oil from Canada each year to use in its soaps. Bronner wants to give that money to American farmers instead.


Uruguay to Become First Nation to Sell Marijuana — Uruguay’s plan is for the government to sell marijuana at a cheap and reasonable price then monitor what each consumer uses. The idea is to take drug profits out of the hands of criminals.

CA Appeals Court Rules Dispensaries Are Legal — In a landmark decision, a California court has affirmed the legality of medical marijuana dispensaries under state law, and rejected bans imposed by cities and by Los Angeles County.

100s of Economists Weigh in on Legalization — Over 300 economists, including three Nobel Laureates, recently signed a petition that encourages the president, Congress, governors and state legislatures to carefully consider marijuana legalization in America. The petition draws attention to an article by Harvard economist Jeffrey Miron, whose findings highlight the substantial cost-savings our government could incur if it were to tax and regulate marijuana, rather than needlessly spending billions of dollars enforcing its prohibition.

1M Claim Filed in Pot Shop Raid — A claim alleging excessive force seeks damages in connection with a June 19 police raid of a pot shop in Long Beach, CA.

Pot Politics on the Oregon/Idaho Border — Oregon finds customers and Idaho has unhappy cops in this small corner of America.

Why Pot Smoking Makes Me a Better Mom — Anybody who thinks that weed makes parents ignore their children has clearly never been high around one.

Marijuana Most Popular Drug in the World  —  According to a U.N. report on global drug use, cannabis was the world’s most widely produced, trafficked, and consumed drug in the world in 2010.  Marijuana boasts somewhere between 119 million and 224 million users in the adult population of the world (18 or older). And there are no signs to indicate the popularity of marijuana will fall anytime soon. Cannabis is consumed in some fashion in all countries, the report says, and it is grown in most.


Oliver Stone Talks Marijuana — Oliver Stone has smoked great marijuana all over the world, from Vietnam and Thailand to Jamaica and South Sudan. But the filmmaker says the best weed is made in the USA and that pot could be a huge growth industry for taxpayers if it were legalized.

How Realistic is Oliver Stone’s Savages? — On July 6, Savages, a bloody meditation on what would happen if a Mexican drug cartel tried to move in on two independent medical marijuana growers in Laguna Beach, directed by Oliver Stone, will hit theaters nationwide. We’re not expecting much in the way of realism from Savages. But Savages the movie does offer a great teachable moment about actual cartel marijuana operations in California.

Hollywood Producers Casting Marijuana Reality Shows — Hollywood’s most celebrated Network & Cable producers are now working with Cheryl Shuman to develop 4 (Four) different reality series evolving around the cannabis community and movement.


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