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Cannabis Cheri Sicard modeling a Peter McWilliams T-shirtThis Week: Even at Hempfest No Consensus on Legalizing Marijuana; Rand Paul Rallies for Hemp; The Fallacy of the DEA; Yale Study Shows Alcohol’s Gateway Effect Larger Than Marijuana’s; Medical Marijuana Qualifies for Arkansas Ballot; Take Action for Marijuana Prisoners; and more.

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Yale Study Shows Alcohol’s Gateway Effect Larger Than Marijuana’s — A Yale study published Tuesday in the Journal of Adolescent Health found that people who used alcohol or tobacco in their youth are almost twice as likely to abuse prescription opiate drugs than those who only used marijuana.


Rand Paul Rallies for Hemp — Two of Kentucky’s highest profile Republicans are teaming up to rally for industrial hemp. U.S. Senator Rand Paul and Agriculture Commissioner James Comer will hold a news conference on Thursday to double down on their support for the crop, which can be used for textiles or oil.  Paul is the co-sponsor of a Senate bill that would make hemp legal again in the U.S. And Comer supports the law on the state level.

Even at Hempfest No Consensus on Legalizing Marijuana —  A historic vote this November on legalizing marijuana may seem like the perfect backdrop for Seattle’s Hempfest, but activists will unfurl their pot-leaf flags Friday amid unprecedented political infighting.  The pro-marijuana movement in Washington state is so splintered that Hempfest organizers are stayed neutral on the legalization measure, Initiative 502.

The Fallacy of the DEA — The Huffington Posts’s Jamie Haase on why the DEA needs to evolve and concede to legal marijuana.

Medical Marijuana Qualifies for Arkansas Ballot — Arkansas has become the first state in the Deep South to qualify a medical marijuana initiative for the ballot. Arkansas Secretary of State Mark Martin on Wednesday certified the Arkansas Medical Marijuana Act has enough signatures to be on the November 6 General Election ballot.


Prison Outreach Weekend — Join the activists with heart as we reach out in solidarity to those in Prison for a plant. We make it easy!  All you have to do is draft an email to one or more prisoners and we will print and mail it the same day!  This does not need to be a novel but just a paragraph or two sharing a bit of your life with someone living in a dark gray place for a plant.  These letters are the only source of light that our brothers and sisters in custody experience other than tidbits from other family members.  We’re not asking for money or anything other than a spot of kindness and a few minutes of your time.  Thank you in advance for your kindness.  Please email letters to and we’ll get them where they need to go.


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