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Cheri Sicard, NORML Women's AllianceThis Week: LA Dispensary Ban Suspended; Latest Buzz on Pot’s Impact on Teen IQ Misses the Bigger Issue; Ex Medical Marijuana Provider Dies in Custody; 6 Reasons America Spends More on Prisons Than Higher Education; Feds Shutting More Colorado Dispensaries; Legal Marijuana Backers Raise $3 Million in Two States


Latest Buzz on Pot’s Impact on Teen IQ Misses the Bigger Issue — The mainstream press has been abuzz in recent days regarding the findings of a recent study suggesting that early-onset, persistent cannabis exposure by those under age 18 could potentially pose adverse effects on intelligence quotient. Yet, absent from the media’s discussion of the study — a discussion that has even included some fairly critical reviews of the study’s methodology — is any talk of the role that marijuana prohibition plays in inadvertently steering young people toward cannabis.


LA Dispensary Ban Suspended — Today, medical marijuana advocates turned in nearly double the 27,425 signatures required to force a voter referendum on the dispensary ban. The ban has been suspended temporarily to allow the city clerk 15 days to verify the signatures and see if the referendum officially qualifies. If it does, the council must either repeal the ban entirely or place the issue before voters in March 2013.

Ex Medical Marijuana Provider Dies in Custody— A Montana medical marijuana provider with a history of serious illness died Thursday after his transfer to a federal prison that could give him proper medical care was delayed for months.  Richard Flor’s death came weeks after a federal judge denied an attorney’s request to release the 68-year-old Miles City resident while he appealed his five-year sentence.

6 Reasons America Spends More on Prisons Than Higher Education — Guess what tops the list?  The drug war, and other reasons relate directly to the drug war.

Legal Marijuana Backers Raise $3 Million in Two States — Campaigns to become the first U.S. states to legalize marijuana for recreational use in Washington and Colorado have raised $3 million ahead of a November vote, far outpacing the opposition.  Proponents of pot legalization in Washington state have raised nearly $2 million since the initiative qualified for the ballot in January, and about $1 million in Colorado since its measure earned a place on the ballot the following month, according to the most recent state campaign figures.

Feds Shutting More Colorado Dispensaries— U.S. Attorney John Walsh issued letters this month to 10 medical marijuana access points throughout Colorado, ordering them to either shut down or move because they are located within 1,000 feet of schools.  The mailing is the third round of threatening letters sent to Colorado dispensaries this year, reports Josh Crank of


How to Do a Voter Education Project in 3 Easy Steps — If you want real change (on cannabis or any other issue) it starts at the polls.  The NORML Women’s Alliance LA County shows just how easy it is to do a voter education project in your area and help voters make informed choices about the people they are putting into office.


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