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The Week in Weed - Cannabis NewsThis Week’s Cannabis News Round-Up: Senate Approves Funding Bill  Allow Veterans to Access Medical Marijuana; Do We Really Need the DEA?; Medical Marijuana Debuts in Illinois; Internal Possession: The Craziest Marijuana Law in the USA; 10 Little Known Uses for CBD; Clinton, Sanders Battle Over Marijuana; and more.

Medical/Health Marijuana News

10 Little Known Uses for CBD — Cannabidiol, or CBD, lacks the colorful high commonly associated with your traditional marijuana high and doesn’t have much of a noticeable effect when isolated. When combined with THC, the relaxing effect combats any feelings of paranoia or panic that can sometimes be felt under the influence.  While lauded for it’s effect on epilepsy, recent cannabis research has identified CBD as the component responsible for a great deal of marijuana’s medical benefits. Here are 10 medical use for CBD that you might not have known about:

Legal/Political Cannabis News

Veterans around the country are demanding medical marijuana for health.

Veterans around the country are demanding medical marijuana for health.

Senate Approves Funding Bill  Allow Veterans to Access Medical Marijuana — The Senate passed the FY2016 Military Construction and Veterans Affairs (MilCon-VA) Appropriations Bill, which includes language to allow Veterans Administration (VA) doctors to recommend medical marijuana to their patients in states where medical marijuana is legal.  “Veterans in medical marijuana states should be treated the same as any other resident, and should be able to discuss marijuana with their doctor,” said Michael Collins, deputy director of national affairs for the Drug Policy Alliance. “It makes no sense that a veteran can’t use medical marijuana if it helps them and it is legal in their state.”

Do We Really Need the DEA? — Last week, interim DEA director Chuck Rosenburg essentially called medicinal marijuana “a joke.” Given the many, many, many, many studies verifying marijuana’s medicinal properties, it seems a little bizarre that the director of a drug enforcement agency would make such an erroneous statement.

Why Aren’t More Candidates Listening to Veterans on Medical Marijuana? — Veterans around the country staged protests this Wednesday calling on the acceptance of medical marijuana for health benefits.  Why are the candidates lagging behind?

Cannabis POW of the Month Andy Cox is Serving Life for Marijuana — Not that testifying against others was ever an option in Andy Cox’s mind.  Like most others serving life sentences for marijuana, he has more personal integrity than that.  But sadly, prosecutors do not care about integrity.

Presidential Candidate Bernie Sands says he would support marijuana legalization.

Presidential Candidate Bernie Sands says he would support marijuana legalization.

Clinton, Sanders Battle Over Marijuana — The Democratic presidential candidates are battling it out over marijuana. While the Republicans (except for Rand Paul) are sticking with the Reagan era drug position, the Dems are are competing to be the cool parent.

New DEA Report Wants Us to Believe That Cops Don’t Care About Weed — So, do law enforcement agencies feel that marijuana is the least of their concern? Maybe. But has that stopped them from nailing people to a cross over it? Not a chance.

International Marijuana News

Canada: Poll Says 20% of Canadians Smoked Marijuana Last Year, 30% Would If Legal — Almost two out of every 10 Canadians reported having consumed marijuana in the past year, but more than 30 per cent of poll respondents said they would do so in the next year if it were legal.  That was one of the main takeaways of a recent poll on the issue conducted by Forum Research.

Cannabis News State by State

South Dakota: Internal Possession, The Craziest Marijuana Law in the USA — Under a state law passed in 2001 and upheld by the state Supreme Court in 2004, you can be arrested, tried and convicted for having marijuana in your system, even if you ingested it in another state or country (or Indian reservation).

Illinois: Medical Marijuana Debuts, Some Patients Turned Away — Medical marijuana rolled out this week in Illinois, but many patients were left without.

Cannabis Infused Apple Parmesan Risotto RecipeMarijuana Recipe of the Week

Apple Parmesan Risotto — This rich creamy marijuana risotto makes a great entree when paired with a simple salad. Substitute bacon to make this recipe a bit more economical or leave out the meat altogether for a vegetarian version. You can also use this as a side dish, albeit a rich side dish.


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