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Cannabis Cheri SicardThis Week’s Marijuana News:  Cannabis Could Block HIV’s Spread; DEA Chief Says Legalization Just Makes Us Fight Harder; Project CBD Responds to SAM’s CBD Dis-Information;  Uh-Oh Politicians Singing Praises of Cannabidiol;  4 Medical; The Drug War Exception to the 4th Amendment; Marijuana Stocks to Dump Now; Anti-Drug Group Ends Opposition to Legal Marijuana; and more.


Cannabis Could Block HIV’s Spread — On a warm summer day in Chicago at the International Cannabinoid Research Conference, hundreds of marijuana researchers were giggling. It wasn’t the groundbreaking research they’d just heard—proving the ability of THC, one of the active ingredients in marijuana, to stave off HIV (or SIV in monkeys)—that did it. Nor was it the author of the study, Dr. Patricia E. Molina, who had them laughing. It was the rogue researcher daring enough to taint the victory with a harsh dose of reality: “What’s next, testing this on humans?”

Project CBD Responds to SAM’s Dis-Information — Not long after Project CBD was formed in 2010, we predicted that recalcitrant drug warriors would attempt to coopt the news about CBD to advance a prohibitionist agenda. As we note on “Marijuana prohibitionists will try to exploit the news about CBD to further stigmatize high-THC cannabis, casting The High Causer, THC, as the bad cannabinoid, whereas CBD is pegged as the good cannabinoid. Project CBD categorically rejects this dichotomy in defense of whole plant cannabis therapeutics.

Uh-Oh Politicians Singing Praises of Cannabidiol — Lawmakers in a growing number of states, including Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Utah, and Wisconsin, are saying no to medical cannabis but yes to cannabidiol, a naturally occurring compound in the plant. But is this new direction in the best interest of patients?


DEA Chief Says Legalization Just Makes Us Fight Harder — Far from being discouraged by the shifts in public opinion, state laws and even within the Obama administration on the legalization of marijuana, federal drug agents are now driven to “fight harder,” Drug Enforcement Administration chief Michele Leonhart said Wednesday.  Leonhart, who reportedly criticizedPresident Barack Obama for comparing marijuana to alcohol during a closed-door meeting with a law enforcement organization, suggested during testimony Wednesday before a House Appropriations subcommittee that voters in Washington state and Colorado were duped into legalizing marijuana.

The Drug War Exception to the 4th Amendment — A  man has filed a lawsuit over a highway stop and subsequent search of his car based on the fact he had Colorado plates while he was traveling through Idaho.

Anti-Drug Group Ends Opposition to Legal Marijuana —  Steve Pasierb, CEO of Partnership at, has no intentions of producing ads that go against marijuana legislation in Colorado or Washington, despite requests from anti-pot lobbyists. “A public-service ad that says: ‘By the way, voters of Colorado, you don’t know what you are doing.’ Come on,” said Pasierb in an interview with Advertising Age.

States News

Latest Poll Shows Alaska Legalization Initiative Winning This August — Alaska’s Annual Caucus Statewide Issues Poll, released by the state’s House of Representatives, has found that 52% of voters plan to vote in favor of legalizing recreational cannabis this August.

Federal Ban Keep Marijuana Off Limits to Military in Washington — Even as the state’s first retail marijuana stores prepare to open in the next few months, pot use remains off-limits to military service members, who face possible expulsion from the service if they get caught with it.

Supreme Court Sides with Arizona Patient Whose Marijuana Was Taken — The US Supreme Court will not overturn a series of Arizona court rulings which compelled police in Yuma County to return marijuana they confiscated from a citizen who was allowed to have cannabis in another state for medicinal purposes.


US Looking to Buy Hempseed to Help Ukraine — Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack said the United States is looking to purchase hemp seed to help Ukraine’s ailing economy, which has been hurt by a corrupt government and recently an invasion by Russia into its Crimea region.


4 Medical Marijuana Stocks to Dump Now — There’s nothing chill about marijuana stocks. Marijuana stocks trading over-the-counter — which is always a red flag — are racking up the pennies to post some astonishing gains.  And each and every one of them is a sell.  This is a speculative bubble based on misunderstanding and ignorance, and it’s going to pop one day.

Prison Reform

Arizona GOP Gives Private Prison CO $1 Million for Nonexistent Prisoners — Lobbyists for the private prison company GEO Group convinced lawmakers to include almost $1 million extra in funding despite the fact that the Arizona Department of Corrections claimed the money wasn’t needed.  Late last Friday, Arizona House Appropriations Chairman John Kavanagh (R-Fountain Hills) placed the extra funding into the budget because GEO Group’s lobbyists informed him that the company wasn’t profiting enough off of emergency beds it provides Arizona prisons.


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