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Cannabis Cheri SicardThis Week’s Marijuana News:  House Blocks DEA from Targeting Medical Marijuana;   House Gives DEA a Raise While Congress Asks Why; Recipe for a Life Sentence: Mix 2 Kinds of Prohibitionist Idiocy; CA  Legislature Splits on Marijuana Bills; KY Receives 286 Pounds of Hemp Seeds for Planting; MN Enacts MMJ Law With Strict Limits Including No Smoking; Marijuana Could Prevent Meth Related Brain Damage; Hemp Meds “Adjustment Sickness” NOT A Normal Reaction to Cannabis; and more!


Marijuana Could Prevent Meth Related Brain Damage — Researchers from the University of Cagliari in Italy have suggested that THC, the active ingredient in marijuana, could partially protect the brain from the damage caused by meth.

Hemp Meds “Adjustment Sickness” NOT a Normal Reaction to Cannabis — In the wake of reports of serious gastrointestinal effects from Real Scientific Hemp Oil (RSHO), parents arguing the benefits of the controversial product are claiming that nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea are “normal” effects of “adjustment sickness.”  While it is clear that a number of patients – both children and adults – have been hospitalized due to GI problems after consuming RSHO, the question remains: what is actually making these patients sick, and it is in fact “normal” to have this reaction to a CBD-rich oil?


Recipe for a Life Sentence: Mix 2 Kinds of Prohibitionist Idiocy Lavoro did not have anywhere near 14 ounces of hash oil, the cutoff for the 10-year minimum sentence. But because he mixed hash oil into brownie and cookie batter, the weight of the baked goods was counted too. Brunner, the prosecutor, explains: “If I take 1 gram of hash oil and mix it (dilute it) into 500 grams of brownie mix, eggs, water, vegetable oil, etc., I now have 501 grams of a controlled substance. Not 1 gram, but 501 grams. I have taken a low-level felony and made it into a first-degree felony.

House Blocks DEA from Targeting Medical Marijuana Reflecting growing national acceptance of cannabis, a bipartisan coalition of House members voted early Friday to restrict the Drug Enforcement Administration from using funds to go after medical marijuana operations that are legal under state laws.  An appropriations amendment offered by Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (R-Calif.) prohibiting the DEA from spending funds to arrest state-licensed medical marijuana patients and providers passed 219-189. The Senate will likely consider its own appropriations bill for the DEA, and the House amendment would have to survive a joint conference before it could go into effect.

House Gives DEA a Raise While Congress Asks Why — Members of the House of Representatives from both parties took aim at the Drug Enforcement Administration on Thursday, even as the House voted to give the agency $35 million more than it requested.

Life Sentences for Marijuana & How You Can Help — Most of the public remains unaware that right here, right now, in these United States, we have prisoners serving life or de facto life sentences for nonviolent marijuana offenses. For some, like 1986 Indy 500 Rookie of the Year Randy Lanier, and Chicago truck mechanic Craig Cesal, these were first offenses. Lanier, Cesal, and others like Paul Free, Larry Duke and George Martorano are part of an aging prison population who have been incarcerated for decades for victimless crimes involving a plant states are legalizing.

States News

 CA  Legislature Splits on Marijuana Bills — The state Assembly on Thursday rejected a medical marijuana regulation bill, a day after competing legislation preferred by local governments and law enforcement sailed unanimously through the Senate.  The bill, AB1894, failed on a 26-31 vote following years of unsuccessful attempts to rein in the free-wheeling industry.

Nearly 99% of Illinois Arrests Are For Possession Only — Nearly 99 percent of all annual marijuana arrests made in the state of Illinois are for violations specific to the plant’s possession, not its sale or cultivation, according to an analysis published by investigators at Roosevelt University.  The report finds that for the year 2010, 98.7 percent of those arrested for violating the states’ marijuana laws were charged with possession only. African Americans were nearly eight times as likely as whites to be arrested for marijuana violations in the state.

MN Enacts MMJ Law With Strict Limits Including No Smoking! — Minnesota joined the ranks of 21 other states Thursday where marijuana is a legal medicine with a law that is one of the nation’s most restrictive.  Democratic Gov. Mark Dayton signed legislation that sets up a medical marijuana program with tight controls over qualifying conditions and the way it is administered. People won’t be able to smoke marijuana legally or access it in leaf form.


KY Receives 286 Pounds of Hemp Seeds for Planting — State officials received 286 pounds of hemp seeds late last week after federal anti-drug officials signed off on plans enabling the Kentucky Department of Agriculture to cultivate the crop as part of a series of statewide research projects.  The US Drug Enforcement Administration initially seized the shipment, which state officials had ordered from Italy, several weeks ago. State officials sued the agency in federal court prior to the DEA’s decision to release the seeds.


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