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Cannabis Cheri Sicard modeling a Peter McWilliams T-ShirtThis Week’s Marijuana News: Jury Nullification Interfering With Marijuana Convictions; House Backs Obama Rules Enabling Marijuana Banking; CO Pot Products Seized in OK Could Put 2 Men in Prison For Life; In a First, House Republican Backs Full Marijuana Legalization; DEA May Be Losing the War on Marijuana Politics; and more.


In a First, House Republican Backs Full Marijuana Legalization — Rep. Dana Rohrabacher is the first GOP congressman to support legalizing recreational marijuana. Government control of personal behavior, the Californian tells the Christian Science Monitor, is ‘totally contradictory to what our country is all about.’

House Backs Obama Rules Enabling Marijuana Banking —  On Wednesday afternoon, the Republican-controlled U.S. House of Representatives voted to uphold the Obama Administration regulations to let marijuana growers and sellers deposit their revenue in federally regulated banks.

Jury Nullification Interfering With Marijuana Convictions — Courts around the country are having more trouble prosecuting marijuana cases because of increasing awareness of a constitutional doctrine called jury nullification. Under the Bill of Rights, jurors have the power to find a defendant not guilty if they find the law in question is flawed – even if the person being accused actually did smoke pot (or commit another victimless crime).

CO Pot Products Seized in OK Could Put 2 Men in Prison For Life — Two Florida men could be facing a life sentence in Oklahoma for attempting to transport Colorado-and California-made cannabis, hash, edibles and other concentrated forms of herb worth about $250,000.

DEA May Be Losing the War on Marijuana Politics —  For narcotics agents, who often confront hostile situations, Capitol Hill has been a refuge where lawmakers stand ready to salute efforts in the nation’s war on drugs.  Lately, however, the Drug Enforcement Administration has found itself under attack in Congress as it holds its ground against marijuana legalization while the resolve of longtime political allies — and the White House and Justice Department to which it reports — rapidly fades.

States News

Obama to Congress: Hands Off DC’s Marijuana Policy — The White House has a message for Congress — hands off the District of Columbia, including its new law decriminalizing small amounts of marijuana.

Bathroom-Themed Ads in Las Vegas Restrooms Highlight the Costs of Prohibition and the Benefits of Regulating Marijuana Like Alcohol — The Coalition to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol on Friday launched its first ad campaign in support of a 2016 ballot initiative to end marijuana prohibition in Nevada. The bathroom-themed ads, which are scheduled to appear in restrooms at more than two dozen restaurants and bars across Las Vegas throughout July and August, highlight the costs of marijuana prohibition and the benefits of replacing it with a system in which marijuana is regulated and taxed similarly to alcohol.



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