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Cheri Sicard - Cannabis cookInterested in having your product featured on this website?  Or doing a sponsored post, or guest post on You have come to the right place.  Please check out the details on this page and, if applicable, fill out the contact form below.

Advertising and Promotions on

We welcome sponsors and have various ad placements available.  We are also always open to other promotions and ideas you might have in mind (for instance a contest giveaway). We can help you promote your business or product via the website, Cheri’s weekly newsletter, and via social media. Contact us for details and rates.

Sponsored Posts

We welcome (most) sponsored posts, as long as they pertain to the general topic of this website, namely cannabis. Sponsored posts are billed monthly or annually. Please contact us for details and rates. Please note, all sponsored posts are clearly labeled as such.

Product Reviews

If you would like your product featured on this website, you are welcome to send us a sample to try. If we genuinely like it, we will write about it. If we don’t, we won’t. We usually run products by a sampling of consumers, both experienced and green (pun intended), to give us a more well rounded idea of how consumers respond to the product.  We do not charge for reviews (that would be a blatant conflict of interest).  We do not do negative reviews, unless we feel a product is so bad it is a danger to the public (so far that has not happened).

All that said, we have been sent many products that, based on our own experience coupled with the feedback of our testers, were not of high enough quality and/or high enough value, to merit our recommending them to our readers.  So please be aware, just because you send a product for potential review, does not necessarily mean we will review it.

Guest Post Guidelines

We are constantly bombarded with pitches from people wanting to do guest posts on We rarely accept guest posts for the simple reason that most of the ones we are sent are frankly not that good. We do occasionally run guest posts, if they offer exceptional and valuable information to our readers.

If you want to do a guest post on, here are some guidelines to increase your chances of being accepted:

1. The post must be relevant to the Cannabis Cheri audience. In other words, it has to be specifically about cannabis.  A vague tenuous connection to cannabis, or an article that is too basic and general, is not enough for us to consider it.

2. We are unapologetically pro-cannabis in every way, shape and form! If you are anything but, you are not right for this website or this audience.

3. There must be a reason for the post besides giving you backlinks and pushing your product(s). In other words, the topic must be compelling, well written, and well researched.

4. You will be given a short 2-3 line bio at the end of the story in which you can include a backlink to your website and/or your contact information. Any backlinks within the text of the article must have a good reason for being there, meaning they specifically enhance the reader’s experience of that article and the information contained in it. Any links that do not have a good reason to be there and/or do not enhance the reader’s experience of the post will not be allowed.  

5. Topics must be pre-approved and not be something we have already covered, or are likely to cover.

6. Just because we agree to consider a guest post does not necessarily mean we will publish it. Know that 99 times out of 100 we say no to the guest posts we are sent.  The decision of the editors is final.  In this case, you might want to consider a Sponsored Post, which has far less stringent guidelines.


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